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Things you need to avoid when decorating or booking chair covers

Posted by on Jun 15, 2016 in Events | Comments Off on Things you need to avoid when decorating or booking chair covers

Wrinkles are a big no no. It is bad enough that you are getting wrinkles while planning your wedding but getting wrinkles on your seat covers? Now that is just an eye sore to just tolerate it! Give yourself an assurance that your linen provider is handling the chair covers properly which also includes the accessories, bows or the sashes attached. Moreover, when the delivery of the linens arrives, try checking if they are “wrinkle free” before the organizers start covering them on the chairs. Also, while putting the covers, be sure that the linens are being manipulated carefully, otherwise it may not turn out the way you wanted it to be.


Avoid second hands. Running on a budget? We all get that but do yourself a favor, do not settle for used linens please. There are some linen providers who prefer to wash their linens after being used in an event. Also, some of the second hand or soiled linens have certain damages such as stains, cuts and deformation or faded colors. It is better if you have a trusted provider for your covers so that you can have rest assure you will have the best linens on your big day or if your provider is someone you were just referred to then do not forget to inspect the materials for the mention damages. Do not be a victim of this. You do not want to be on a bad mood on your special day.

Equality. Do not play the mix and match game. When booking linens for your chair covers, make sure that you consulted your linen provider that all linens are made equally or identically related to the wedding’s theme.  Also, be mindful that it should be enough for covering the desired number of chairs for the venue. Do not come to the point wherein half of the chairs are being covered that is out of your plan just because your organizers ran out of material. Weddings only often come once in a lifetime so give your guest a seat they will surely remember.

“I am on a budget strike.” Oh look at that rack of linens, it’s on sale! Or let’s just settle for this one because it’s cheaper compared to the satin one. Sounds tempting isn’t it? Again, do yourself a favor, DO NOT DO IT! Always keep repeating this saying in your head, “It is a wedding. It only comes once in a lifetime.” Give yourself the right and best chair covers for weddings  or perhaps choose venue draping on your wedding day. Choose quality over quantity. While planning your wedding day, prepare already ahead the desired budget so that you will be able to collect and select different options in choosing the materials needed. In that way, it is more organized and well-prepared especially if there are unexpected changes that come along the way with regards to lack of stocks or delivery failure.

Avoid bad services. Getting to know your wedding providers is just like choosing who you sit with at your new school during lunch time. Be sure to do your research first before booking your wedding chair providers. Gather first different feedbacks from people who already tried their services. If majority of the feedbacks are positive then go for it.

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Benefits of DJ for Hire in Hertfordshire

Posted by on Jun 15, 2016 in Events | Comments Off on Benefits of DJ for Hire in Hertfordshire

Do you have a big event coming up? If so, then you should definitely consider hiring a DJ including dj for hire in Hertfordshire. This can provide a dinner, reception, etc. with your favorite  jams. Hiring a DJ can provide tons of different benefits including the following ones:

  1. Audio system

This is one of the key features provided by the DJ. The music is at the centre of many events, so it’s important to have a professional audio system. Unfortunately, most people don’t own such systems, and the cost of renting them can also be quite high. What’s the best solution? It’s advisable to hire a professional DJ since they’ll have all the audio equipment needed to help them have a great time. On the other hand, renting such systems can be very expensive, and of course the event wouldn’t be the same if it didn’t have any music, so that’s probably a situation you want to avoid.

  1. Professional DJ-ing

Another key benefit of hiring a professional DJ is that you’ll be able to enjoy the services of a professional DJ. This is definitely a plus as they’ll have the know-how and experience to provide the best experience possible. You certainly want your event to be as special as possible. There are various ways to achieve that result and one of them is definitely by hiring a professional DJ. This will help to ensure that everything goes smoothly as possible. For example, a DJ often has their own mixing equipment, which will make the event even better.

You might have the idea that not hiring a DJ is a cheaper option so it’s one you should consider. The problem with such a situation is that it would provide jams at your party, reception, etc. without the professional expertise of a DJ. That can be an unwanted experience as the person playing the music will likely have little or no experience as a DJ. In fact, the results could be disastrous. That’s certainly an experience you want to avoid as it could disappoint your guests, which is certainly a situation you’ll want to avoid. On the other hand, hiring a professional DJ can provide all the jams you want to hear, and do it in a professional way that includes the lighting/audio equipment needed to make the event excellent and everyone happy.

  1. Lighting equipment

When you think about hiring a DJ you probably first think about the music itself. That’s reasonable. However, the lighting can also add some pizzazz to the dance floor and help to make the event even better. Such equipment is quite expensive, and can have a high price tag to purchase or just rent. That’s why it’s highly advisable to hire a professional DJ since they’ll already have access to such equipment. When everyone’s on the dance floor they’ll get a great experience due to the laser lights added to the music. It’s certainly one of the best perks of hiring a professional DJ.


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Catering Services: Solution for a Hungry Stomach

Posted by on May 28, 2016 in Blog | Comments Off on Catering Services: Solution for a Hungry Stomach

Food is the most essential thing that humans would need to intake on a daily basis. Food is the thing that gives you the nutrients to ensure that you become well on nutrition and you have the right amount of energy needed for the day. Food is something that cannot be extinct. Food is something that is a need for everybody. Food is the thing that makes people gets creative when they cook or even bake food.  Food comes in different shapes, sizes, taste and nutrients. This shows the uniqueness of each food. This also gives the people a wide variety of food to choose from depending on the standards they have. Food is served in a lot of ways such as food that is served at home, food that is served at restaurants, food from in the streets, food found in carts and food that is served by caterers.

Caterers are people that serve food for a living or as a business called catering. Catering is the act of serving food for customers and clients with payment.  There are actually two types of catering services. One of which is the most common of all, the home catering services. A home catering service is a catering service in which they would go to your house, set the needed things to cater and served the food until a designated time. The second type of catering service is the mobile catering service. A mobile catering service is not yet that common, but it is slowly rising to the top. Due to this there is now a lot of mobile catering company. A mobile catering service is a catering service in which they would go to the designated place where they are asked to cater and they would set up their stand and there they would start to serve the people with the food they have brought. The reasons why mobile catering services is slowly rising to the top are, first it the availability of mobile catering services which is considered to be high. Second reason is the unique way of doing a catering service always attracts the majority of the people. Lastly, mobile catering services are flexible when it comes to the location in which they are to serve the food. This really shows that a mobile catering service is a type of catering service to go to.

If you are looking a great food and great service then a catering service is the way to go. A catering service serves their customers and clients’ food that is sure to make their taste buds dance. A catering service has flexibility when it comes to location and time. A catering service gives their customers or clients great service by making sure that their workers are well trained and their workers are happy workers. When you hire a catering service they are sure to make you satisfied with the work they have done and they never disappoint you in any aspect of their work.

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What to Look For In Event Companies and Party Planners

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Now the first thing that you need to consider when hiring for event companies and organizers is that you needed to check first for their reputation which comes from the feedbacks of the people they have worked with, the people who have worked for them and most especially their previous clients. In that way, you will be able to learn and know a lot of things if possible about the company and their organizers in how they work like how fast and efficient they are in organizing events. Also, in order for you to check out the reputation of an event company and their organizers is that if possible that you know someone personally who was one of their previous clients, then give them a call and directly asked them how did the event go as originally planned like was the expected outcome of their previous client was achieved or not since you know each other personally then in this way they will be able to tell you honestly what are the pros and cons or what you can expect from that certain event organizing company. Then if you do not know someone who happens to be one of their previous clients then you can actually ask directly from them or if you are shy to ask them for contact information then you can ask them for a portfolio or videos or pictures from their previous events that they have organized or before anything else like you can search for them over the internet first like London event planning company for you to check their website.

Now the next thing that you also need to check is the years of existence of their company so that you will be able to know if how many years they have already been existing and how many years that their clients have already trusted them for so many different events in their lives. It is actually important to check this matter since you will have an idea of how professional they are and how experienced they already are in the event organizing events industry. Also, for this matter, in the event if you happen to have access to know how their financial status of the company, get to know it like their credit standing or what since it will tell you if they already filed a bankruptcy or for how many times in so many years they have filed for bankruptcy then you will know if it is managed well. Now if you are looking for a well-established event organizing company then it is best for you to check out party planning in London for your event needs like entertainment for example.

Then another thing that you needed to check as well, most especially if you have a strict budget range to follow is that you needed to check for their employees like if their employees are directly hired or they are from a third party vendor which in that case they are paying additional fees for it which is also most often than not you are paying for the extra charges rather than hiring an event company that has their own direct employees, therefore if you will have complains about their employees then you can complain directly to them and not to the third party vendor.

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